Getting a Library Card

As a resident of Springfield Township, you are eligible for a free library card. Bring proof of address (driver’s license, car insurance, rental lease, or utility bill) to the library and fill out the application and you will be issued a card. You may also print the application and bring it to the library with you. A child’s (under the age of 18) application requires a parent or guardian’s signature. The parent or guardian must present identification and proof of residence. Your library card entitles you to use all the Montgomery County libraries as well as provides you with Access PA privileges.

In order to protect your privacy, you must have your library card or a valid photo ID to check out materials. Materials being held at the library can only be checked out on the card used to place the request. Please be sure to bring the appropriate card.

How long can I keep the materials?

• Print Books (Adult, YA, Children’s):  21 days, 1 renewal
• Rental Books:  7 days, no renewals
• Audiobooks and Playaways:  21 days, 1 renewal
• DVDs:  7 days, 1 renewal
• TV Series:  21 days, 1 renewal
• Music CDs:  21 days, 1 renewal
• Magazines:  7 days, 1 renewal
• Children’s holiday books:  7 days, no renewals, in the month of the holiday


• Adult, YA books:  $0.15/day
• Children’s books:  $0.10/day
• Rental books:  $0 .15/day
• Audiobooks and Playaways:  $0.15/day
• DVDs:  $1.00/day
• Music CDs:  $0.15/day
• Magazines:  $0.15/day
• Museum Passes: $5.00/day, up to the value of the subscription

Please Note:

• Fines accumulate up to $6.00 per item for all materials. If a patron’s total fines are $10 or over, he or she will be unable to check out materials until the fine amount is below $10.
• The patron is required to pay the replacement cost for a lost or damaged item.
FLS does not issue refunds for lost items that were paid for.
FLS does not accept replacement copies for lost or damaged materials.