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ALA Great Websites for Kids - The American Library Association has selected great websites for kids about a variety of topics, such as animals, literature, the arts, history, math, and science among others. Sites are carefully selected to include, so you can be sure they are trustworthy. 

DK Find Out! - Explore fun facts on a wide variety of topics. Provides basic introductory facts and has quizzes and videos.

Merriam-Webster Online - Online dictionary and thesaurus - Links to information about a wide range of topics and games to play

BrainPop - Movies, quizzes, activities, and more on a wide range of topics

BrainPop Junior - Movies, quizzes, activities and more on a variety of topics; geared toward children in grades K to 3


National Gallery of Art for Kids - Browse the art collections and try cool interactive games to learn about a wide variety or art. You can also make your own art on this site.

ArtsEdge - Learn more about the arts (music, theater, visual art, and more) in this informative and interactive website from the Kennedy Center for the Arts


U.S. Mint for Kids - Learn all about coins, the history of the U.S. Mint, and more with games, activities, and fun facts

American Stories - Learn more about the people and places of America with facts, games, and activities on this website from the Library of Congress

National Geographic for Kids - Learn more about the natural world, its people, and wildlife with articles, games, and activities

Congress for Kids - Learn more about the government branches, elections, citizenship, and other social studies topics


Starfall - Reading and phonics help through special stories; designed for pre-K through 1st or 2nd grade

ABCya! - Play fun games to help with language, reading, and math skills, as well as develop basic computer skills

InsideStory FlashCards - Learn vocabulary with cool pictures, stories, and facts; downloadable and printable

A+ Research and Writing - Includes a step-by-step guide for researching and writing a paper, plus links to further information


NumberNut - Get information about and try fun activities on a wide range of math topics, such as arithmetic, ratios, fractions, graphing, and more

Bedtime Math - Offers daily math problems that relate to everyday life; appropriate for a range of skill levels

Carnegie Cyber Academy - Learn more about surfing the web safely and cyber defense with the games and activities in the Cyber Academy

MathIsFun - Get information, solve puzzles, and play math games on a range of math topics


Biology4Kids - Get information, photos, and quizzes about biology topics such as plants, animals, cells, and more

Cosmos4Kids - Get information, photos, and quizzes about a variety of astronomy topics, such as stars, the solar system, galaxies, and more

Chem4Kids - Get information, photos, and quizzes about a range of chemistry topics, such as atoms, elements, reactions, and more

Geography4Kids - Get information, photos, and quizzes about earth science topics, such as the earth’s structure, atmosphere, climates, and more

Physics4Kids - Get information, photos, and quizzes about a variety of physics topics, such as motion, heat, electricity, and more

Extreme Science - Learn about scientific records and watch videos about a range of science topics

NASA - Find information, photos, and videos about space and try fun activities on NASA’s website for kids

Climate Kids - Get information and participate in interactive games about the environment and the earth