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ALA Great Websites for Kids - The American Library Association has selected great websites for kids about a variety of topics, such as animals, literature, the arts, history, math, and science among others. Sites are carefully selected to include, so you can be sure they are trustworthy.

About.com Education - Get lots of information on school topics from science to history, plus study tips and college admissions advice.

InfoPlease - Combines information from encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases all in one place. A good site to browse and discover a starting point for research.

Merriam-Webster Online - Online dictionary and thesaurus

Kids.gov - Links to information about a wide range of subjects and interactive games


Artcyclopedia - Encyclopedia of artists and works of art that provides brief biographical information and links to other sites where you can learn more.

Art History Resources - Provides links to information and images about all types art from various centuries and countries

Renaissance Connection - Learn more about the art and artists of the Renaissance era with this interactive site

ArtsEdge - Learn more about the arts (music, theater, visual art, and more) in this informative and interactive website from the Kennedy Center for the Arts


Library of Congress - Learn more about the collections and information in our national library

State and Local Governments - Provides links to the official pages for various state and local government organizations

United States Census Bureau - Get facts and statistics about many aspects of United States population

United States Government Printing Office - Search for information from official United States documents, such as legislative bills, reports, and court opinions

United States House of Representatives - Learn more about the activity of this branch of Congress and look up representatives

United States Senate - Learn more about this branch of Congress and its legislation

United States Supreme Court - Search documents, court decisions, and find general information

The White House - Search documents, learn about issues, and learn about people in the administration

United States Presidents - Brief biographical information and links to further documents and resources for each President of the United States

Stately Knowledge - Provides a wealth of factual information and links to further resources for each 

National Geographic MapMaker - Explore maps of the worlds with different themes and data


A+ Research and Writing - Includes a step-by-step guide for researching and writing a paper, plus links to further information

Bartleby.com - Search through numerous well-known works of literature, including Bartlett’s Famous Quotations

Complete Works of Shakespeare - Access to the complete works of Shakespeare, including plays and poems

Literary Criticism Guide - Links to sources of literary criticism online for a variety of works, authors, and types of literature


The Math Forum at Drexel University - Find resources and information about a wide variety of math topics

The Math League - Get information about a range of math topics

MathMovesU - Play math games and activities and learn about scholarships and other opportunities

Robotics - Learn about the history, ethics, and innovation in the robotics field; also includes videos and interactive games 


NASA for Middle School - Find information, photos, and videos about space and try cool activities specially designed for middle school students on NASA’s official site

NASA for High School - Find information, photos, and videos about space and try cool activities specially designed for high school students on NASA’s official site

Chemicool - See the periodic table and learn more about all its elements, including basic facts, uses, and history

Exploratorium - Explore a vast range of science ideas with online, interactive videos and experiments; includes a special section for teens

Science Buddies - Get science fair project ideas and assistance